OK HUH is a 23 year old AI Humanoid Singer. Who sings in a pristine voice the song entitled Resolution A very commercial Pop Song about New Year’s Eve Celebration.

OK HUH the incredible opportunity to work with a great song to create a more meaningful and expressive immersive musical experiences”all about New Year’s Eve Celebration.

Resolution features the down home flavor of classic Pop/Raggae music mixed with the gravitas of young lovers wishing to celebrate the New Year alone.

Music being one of the most uniquely trans-formative mediums of expression combining with immersive voice Synthesizing creating a new art form which is exponentially more powerful than the sum of its parts, and has been described as, the sound of tomorrow today.

Los Langeros – Holy War single officially out today

Nowadays originality in music seems to be the bravery to play what you want to play and do things your own way. This is why it’s easy to class the new release by Los Langeros as one of the most original single I’ve heard.


If you’re getting a little sick of the constant drone of four piece rock bands that can be heard everyday on the radio check out Los Langeros’s new single “HOLY WAR.”

Niall MacMahon


The singer and songwriter of soul music known as Niall MacMahon has released his latest official single, “Sold Out on Love.” The track has been proudly published on the Mosa Records independent music label, which has been home to such artists as the Vandal, Ray Morrison, Germaine Johnson, and South East Side. A blend of blues, rock and soul played way down deep in the groove, “Sold Out on Love” by Niall MacMahon is the latest example of Europe’s part in the continuing blues tradition.

Ray Morrison – I Want To Live

“Morrison’s range of voice is stunning-from the deep drumbeat of true grit to the high-pitched timbre of irretrievable loss. Here is a landscape of the human condition, fully realized. Often harsh, often heartbreakingly poignant, Morrison’s characters grasp for the small truths in their lives, some coming up empty-handed, others given that one shot at redemption. A magnificent, kaleidoscopic view of the extraordinary nature of ordinary lives, rendered in lucid, pitch-perfect prose.