About Mosa is part of the Mosa Music Group Organization, which is involved in the Music Entertainment Industry. 

To Produce Audio Recordings, Publish Music, Produce Music DVD’s, and Publish Book Manuscripts. We also sell original rare vinyl records. Check out our vinyl store.

Mosa Records S.L. is primarily owned and run by Mr Carl O. Lewis Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Mosa Records S.L. Carl brings Management and Entrepreneurial experience to the operation.

And Mrs Anastasia T. Lewis  Director and Co-Founder of Mosa Records, S.L.  Anastasia worked for the Rank Group PLC,  for over twenty years and has years of experience in the property markets of the UK, Ireland and Spain.

The operations are located in: Pilar De La Horadada, the second healthiest place in the World to live because of it’s location Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and set between Pine Forested Mountains, infested with Citrus and Almond Fincas, on Spain´s Costa Blanca Coast.  In 2000 Carl moved family to Spain after many years of operating his own Music Companies in the UK  namely: Mosa Records Ltd, Incorporated in England in 1985, Register Number:3216917: Owns Master Recording, Publishing Manuscript Rights to Books and Films Rights.

Pindock Music Ltd, Incorporated in England in 1985, Register Number. 1476108: Owns Music Publishing Copyrights.

Carl through one or the other of his Companies  launched bands such as; CRESSIDA – formly known as – CHARGE – and before that – THE BIRDS OF PRAY, VECCHIO, KEY LARGO, SHOCKING STOCKINGS, HARD OPTIONS, CLEMEN PULL, BENEFIT & THE SPLIFF to name but a few. Carl having had association or worked with such Music Biz reknown names as, Mike Vernon,  Muff Winwood and Sir Richard Branston. In fact, the Band “Vecchio” managed by Carl, nearly became the first Act recorded by Virgin Records. The Super Group U2, ( who consulted Carl before signing their Recording Contract with Island Records ). Englebert Humperdink (a friend who advised Carl never to give up trying to have a hit Record!!) And the legendary Movie maker Jean-Luc Goddard, who directed “ONE PLUS ONE”, which stared Sir Mick Jagger, Carl’s name can be found in the film credits. Carl played an active part in ITV’s first Telethon 88 Broadcast,   also he worked closely with the now deceased Mike Collier,Ossie Byrne,Joe Meek and Jack Heath.


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Mosa Records, S.L. Incorporated in Spain in 2000, Register Number: B 53436424