Lila – Damn The Colours

Lila MacMahon best known for touring and recording with The Pogues, recorded DAMN the COLOURS, an album of Niall’s songs in various genres of the 90’s “Dance” era.

The album title refers to psychedelics assisting but also interfering with an understanding of things.

Sashka – 55 Dollars

European Singer and Songwriter, Sashka, makes her return to music.

Mosa Records have released an 8 track album of R&B/pop/rock music on iTunes by the unique singer and songwriter better known as Sashka. Her Mosa recording titled “55 Dollars” will be released on the Mosa Record label. Many predict that this newest song will be a huge hit not only with the Spanish disco loving crowd but with countless bars and discos all over Europe. Sashka can also be recognized for her collaboration with well-known artists such as the Backstreet Boys, Dj Bobo, Rednex, Gipsy Kings and Bonie M. Bino (Mama Leone) on the track “Children”, which has reached #18 on the German top 100 charts. Her song “I know it’s Heaven” has placed #14 on the German dance charts. Sashka has also received a gold record for her collaboration on DJ Bobo’s “World in Motion” album. Sashka’s range of talents doesn’t stop there, she also specializes in soul, rhythm, blues and gospel as well.

Joy Gomez – Dedicated 2 You

Joy Gomez - Dedicated 2 You

JOY GOMEZ is a very talented singer, songwriter and musician who was born in Alicante (Spain) but raised in Germany and lived in various countries of Europe. Her love of music and singing was discovered as a little girl of 10 years old, singing in the school choir. Even at that early age, Joy really wanted music to be a part of her life. For this reason, she started classical piano lessons. At 14 Joy began having vocal lessons in classical and modern singing. This is when Joy formed her first rock band, gigging countless venues which gained her valuable concert experiences. A few years down the road, Joy was discovered by Carl Lewis CEO of Mosa Records, S.L. and was offered a recording contract for her and her band Ivanjoy. Mosa Records released their debut album entitled “Dedication” in Europe and South America under the name of “Ivanjoy.”

After intensive promotional work on Spanish radio, national television and magazines, Your Memories was released as a single and achieved 2nd place on several Spanish radio stations Playlist.

In 2004, Joy entered and won a songwriting contest organized by SGAE (Spanish GEMMA) with the song “Your Memories” and went on to tour Spain, Ireland and England.

Now in 2011, Mosa Records have decided that Joy’s singing and excellent song writing skills on Dedication deserved to be heard again through the wonders of iTunes Digital Download. Mosa have remastered and re-released the album as Joy’s debut solo digital album called “Dedicated 2 You”. This album is available for download from the 25th July 2011 on iTunes worldwide!