Niall MacMahon – Sold out on Love – Re-Mastered and Re-Released!

The singer and songwriter of soul music known as Niall MacMahon has released his latest official single, “Sold Out on Love.” The track has been proudly published on the Mosa Records independent music label, which has been home to such artists as the Vandal, Ray Morrison, Germaine Johnson, and South East Side. A blend of blues, rock and soul played way down deep in the groove, “Sold Out on Love” by Niall MacMahon is the latest example of Europe’s part in the continuing blues tradition.

Commenting on his main artistic influences, Niall MacMahon cites legends such as Joe Cocker, James Brown, Van Morrison, and Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers. Considering his mention of Cocker and Rodgers in particular, it may come as no surprise that MacMahon’s own sound should find itself so firmly grounded in that classic, blues and rock sound which has become so rare to find in the modern era.

This sentiment seems close to MacMahon’s heart, as well, when the listener hears the rolling, blues-soaked bars of “Sold Out on Love.” Asked to describe the theme and message of his new single, MacMahon writes succinctly, “Old soul is best!”

Niall MacMahon is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, musical arranger and music producer. His career spans fully seven albums and two official singles to date. Though most of his releases bear his given name, MacMahon has also published music under the names Axe Wielding, Shocking Stockings, and Nautically Nausea Niall.

The art of Niall MacMahon has stretched from writing poetry as a teenager alongside John Borrowman of the Atrix and future Poet Laureate of Ireland, Paula Meehan, to playing post-punk rock in the late ’70s with Shocking Stockings. Collaborating with him in the Stockings were such names as Philip Chevron of the Pogues, Slaughter Joe of Creation Records, Robin Spreafico of Doll by Doll and Teresa D’Abreu of Sadista Sisters.

“Sold Out on Love” by Niall MacMahon is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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