Niall MacMahon

The singer and songwriter of soul music known as Niall MacMahon has released his latest official single, “Sold Out on Love.” The track has been proudly published on the Mosa Records independent music label, which has been home to such artists as the Vandal, Ray Morrison, Germaine Johnson, and South East Side. A blend of blues, rock and soul played way down deep in the groove, “Sold Out on Love” by Niall MacMahon is the latest example of Europe’s part in the continuing blues tradition.

Mosa Records teamed up with Niall MacMahon to copyright his song "Sold Out On Love". Mosa Records also helped to promote the release of his song "You Move the Movement in My Jeans".

Niall's song "Obama Rocks" was commissioned by Mosa Records to support President Obama.

Sold out on Love

Sold out on Love