Niall MacMahon

The Vandal – PYRO

‘The Vandal’ is a one man show that SPITS his life, his FEELINGS, his FEARS and his HEART out in his songs. An honest rapper with nothing to lose and everything to gain, he’s only in it for the music, and is long way away from fast cars and money....

Ray Morrison – I Want To Live

Germaine Johnson – In The Darkness

South East Side – Tiempos De Guerra

South East Side – 03180

Shocking Stockings

Shocking Stockings (originally Niall-on & the Shocking Stockings) were a post-punk new-wave band. Their “ironic” repertoire of pastiches varied from Reggae through Funk and Disco to Rock – a kind of early prequel to a Scissor Sisters/Darkness cross. Typically there was a seam of humorous political and social commentary in...

DJ Snoopy – Witches Brew

Dave Oxley – With You I Can Make It

Lila – Damn The Colours

Lila MacMahon best known for touring and recording with The Pogues, recorded DAMN the COLOURS, an album of Niall’s songs in various genres of the 90’s “Dance” era. The album title refers to psychedelics assisting but also interfering with an understanding of things.

Sashka – 55 Dollars

European Singer and Songwriter, Sashka, makes her return to music. Mosa Records have released an 8 track album of R&B/pop/rock music on iTunes by the unique singer and songwriter better known as Sashka. Her Mosa recording titled “55 Dollars” will be released on the Mosa Record label. Many predict that...

Los Langeros – This Is Normal

Los Langeros hail from the depths of Cork’s hispanic quarter and have been honing their craft there for the last two years. A screeching electric mandolin flanked by two guitar wielding madmen with Jews harps and harmonicas backed up by a ferocious pounding rhythm section thrash out some of the...

Los Langeros – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Very Interesting

Hard Options – Generation to Generation

Hard Options and their album Generation to Generation (Original Vinyl), now avaliable on iTunes !!!

Joy Gomez – Dedicated 2 You

JOY GOMEZ is a very talented singer, songwriter and musician who was born in Alicante (Spain) but raised in Germany and lived in various countries of Europe. Her love of music and singing was discovered as a little girl of 10 years old, singing in the school choir. Even at...